There are several ways people can participate in the WAIS Divide Project. We strive to have a diverse and international team, so if you are interested in joining us please consider the options below.

Science Investigations/ Sample Requests


Investigators from the United States need to submit a proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to obtain ice samples or access the borehole. If you are planning on submitting a proposal to NSF, you must contact the WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office (SCO) before submitting your proposal and obtain a letter from the SCO stating that your proposal is consistent with the WAIS Divide operation plan. In order to initiate this process, investigators must submit the Sample Request Form to the SCO. Sample requests may take up to 6 weeks to process depending on the complexity of the request and other workloads.

If the SCO approves your Sample Request, the SCO will provide you with a Letter of Support stating that your proposal is consistent with the WAIS Divide operation plan. ** This Letter of Support needs to be submitted with your NSF proposal. **

If you have any questions, or need to request a letter of support for your proposal, please contact Kendrick Taylor.

Sample Request Form - Main Core
Download the Sample Request Form (.doc)

Sample Request Form - Replicate Core
If you want samples from the replicate cores, fill out the REPLICATE CORE Sample Request Form and send it to the SCO and Jeff Severinghaus. Use the depth values from the main core. We will figure out the corresponding depths in the replicate cores. The PIs of the replicate core project will have priority during the sample allocation process.


Undergraduate and graduate students, or prospective students, with a strong interest in our science should contact one of the funded researchers to enquire about working on a research project as part of an undergraduate or graduate program.


Investigators from nations other than the United States may also join the project. Please read this document for a description of how to do this.

Seasonal Science Support Staff

Students, educators, and outreach professionals are needed to assist with basic measurements and packing the core in Denver and Antarctica. For operations in Denver we will be hiring graduate and undergraduate students. For operations in Antarctica, we will be hiring graduate students, educators and outreach professionals. Graduate students who are working on the project are expected to fill most of the Antarctic positions. However, we are also interested in filling some of these positions with graduate students who are working on climate or glaciology topics that do not involve ice cores, and graduate students from other nations who are working on different ice cores. We will consider hiring educators and outreach professionals for field positions, however they will have to explain how the field experience will assist them in their normal education or outreach activities. There will be core sampling activities in Denver during the summers of 2010, 2011, and 2012. There will be opportunities to join us in the field during the 2009/2010, 2010/2011, and 2011/2012 field seasons. The field seasons typically extend from late October to late January/early February.

Drilling Contractor

If you are interested in joining us as a driller, please contact the NSF drilling contractor, Ice Drilling Design and Operation group, at icedrill "at"

Logistics Contractor

If you are interested in joining us as a logistics support person, please contact the Antarctic Support Contractor.