26 July 2019

The 2019 Long Range Science Plan is now available.

12 June 2019

The SPRING 2019 quarterly update of IDP activities is now available.

06 May 2019

Request for Community Input Deadline: 17 May 2019

Requesting Field Support

If you are preparing a NSF proposal that includes any kind of support from IDP, you must include a Letter of Support from IDP in the proposal. Researchers are asked to provide IDP with a detailed support request three weeks prior to the date the Letter of Support is required. Early submissions are strongly encouraged.

Equipment - Newly Available

Photo of equipment

Agile Sub-Ice Geological (ASIG) Drill

The ASIG Drill is capable of drilling through 700 meters of ice, taking pieces of ice core along the way, and then recovering 5-6 meters of bedrock core. Read more...

Photo of equipment

Sediment Laden Lake Ice Drill

A lightweight hot water drill useful for creating holes with very little initial water, and for freeing instrument cables and accessing equipment beneath ice. Read more...

Photo of equipment

Stampfli 2-Inch Drill

A very lightweight, PI-operable system capable of collecting 2"-diameter firn core down to 100-meters depth. Read more...

Photo of equipment

Winkie Drill

An agile rock coring unit adapted by IDP for subglacial rock coring. Using standard AW34 drill rod, the system has a depth capability of 120 meters. Read more...

Equipment - Active Development

Foro Drill

Lighter, more robust version of 4-Inch Drill, capable of recovering 98 mm diameter ice cores down to ~400 m depth. Read more...

RAM Drill (Upgrade)

Updated version of existing RAM Drill capable of drilling as fast as the existing drill, but at a small fraction of the current system weight. Read more...

Foro 3000 Drill

Adapation of existing Intermediate Depth Drill system to drill to 3,000 meters. Read more...

Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID)

Rapidly core through ice sheet and into bedrock below. Read more...

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Program Information

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDP) is a NSF-funded facility. IDP conducts integrated planning for the ice drilling science and technology communities, and provides drilling technology and operational support that enables the community to advance the frontiers of climate and environmental science.